CoVid-19, Natural Protection & Homeopathy

Homeopathy and CoVid-19

Please consult the NHS for advice on the Corona Virus.

The single most effective way to stop or slow the spread of virus’ such as this to prevent the spread of germs by:

  • washing your hands regularly with soap and water
  • covering your mouth and nose if you cough or sneeze
  • disposing of used tissues as soon as possible
  • staying at home if you do become ill
Clinical analysis of Homeopathic treatment for past pandemics has shown homeopathy to be an effective treatment which has supported recovery after infection

The following remedies have been historically beneficial to treat symptoms of past ‘Flu pandemics. All remedies are recommended in a 30c potency [unless otherwise indicated] Please take as directed.

20 Homeopathic Remedies indicated for support of symptoms associated with CoVid-19 based on historical Homeopathic treatment of ‘Flu pandemics:

ACONITE – Aconite is indicated at the very on-set of symptoms of colds or ‘flu. Take one hourly for 3 doses to “nip cold symptoms in the bud”.

ARSENICUM ALBUM – Arsenicum is indicated when breathing is difficult or asthmatic. Anxiety, weakness and fatigue accompanies ‘flu symptoms. There is extreme anxiety about health for both the self and loved ones. It is one of the most useful remedies in gastrointestinal ‘flu symptoms which involves vomiting and diarrhoea. Take one pillule hourly initially for three doses and then every 3-4 hours during waking hours until symptoms subside. This can also be taken for Anxiety and difficulty sleeping. 

ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM – For ‘Flu states that involve excessive mucous. Choking at the end of coughing. Indicated for later stage pneumonia – so much mucous in the lungs there is a feeling of drowning in mucous.

BELLADONNA – For an acute high-grade fever that is very dry heat.  Along with temperature, there may be a severe throbbing headache, sensitivity to noise, light, and touch. Belladonna 30C can be taken hourly to help support a patient during fever in the early stages of the virus.

BRYONIA – For a characteristically dry cough. Pain in the lungs when coughing. desire to lie still. A cough that comes on after exposure to cold wind.

CARBO VEG – Indicated in pneumonia when the person feels the need to fan the space in front of their face to get enough air. Oxygen starvation.

DROSERA – Deep dry cough. Barking cough.

FERRUM PHOS – Take after ACONITE in the early stages of  a cold or ‘flu if symptoms persist. 3-4 times per day.

GELSEMIUM – It is mainly indicated in cold and cough or seasonal flu where a person gets very dull, feels drowsy, with lack of thirst, the body aches, heaviness in muscles accompanied by anxiety or fear. One pillule to be taken every 2 -3 hours during waking hours for flu symptoms.

HEPAR SULPH –  A chesty and incessant cough, made worse by lying down.

IPECACUANHA – Nausea and vomiting accompanying cough.

KALI CARBONICUM – Wheezing respiration. Dry hard cough. Pain in lower lung lobe. Sharp cutting pain in lungs. For pneumonia and pleurisy. Irregular beating of heart.

LOBELIA INF. – Constriction of chest, difficulty breathing, threatened with suffocation. Rattling in chest but no expectoration.

NUX VOMICA – For colds with feeling of being blocked accompanied by fluent coryza and watery nasal discharge. Sensitivity to draughts.

OSCILLOCOCCINUM 200C [ANAS BARB 200C]- This is to be taken at the very onset of cold and ‘flu symptoms. Take three times a day.

PHOSPHORUS – For difficulty breathing, increased thirst for cold water, exhaustion accompanying cold and ‘flu symptoms. In a gastric ‘flu vomiting bile. One dose hourly. Stop with improvement.

PNEUMOCOCCINUM – A homeopathic nosode of bacterial pneumonia. Take three times a day if lung symptoms worsen after other well-indicated remedies fail to act.

PULSATILLA – For asthmatic breathing and lots of greeny-yellow mucous from chest and nose.

SANGUINARIA – Spasmodic and hacking cough. Rust coloured sputum. Burning soreness on chest. Indicated for pneumonia with severe constriction of chest and difficulty breathing.

SENEGA – Much watery mucous and violent and long-continued sneezing. Hacking cough which ends in a sneeze. Constant accumulation of mucous in bronchial tubes. Great sensation of pressure on chest.

Homeopathic Remedies can be mail ordered from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy, Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy or Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy or from your usual remedy supplier.

For those new to homeopathy, an economic way to get a range of useful acute remedies (including some but not all of the above remedies) is by purchasing an 18, 36 or 42 homeopathic remedy kit. The Ainsworths Essential Remedy Kit and Helios Remedy Kit comes with a handy booklet to guide you. (Kits may not be available as an online purchase in UK so either buy in-shop or phone the pharmacy directly to mail order.)

The Homeopathic Help Line offers homeopathic advice to support you during a cold or ‘flu. Open 9am-Midnight 365 days per year (09065 343 404. Calls are charged at £1.55 per minute)

Greendaisies Homeopathy offer over-the-phone acute advice for homeopathic remedies for cold and ‘flu support. Monday-Friday 9am -6pm (020 8977 5422. Calls are charged at £1.55 per minute)

Boost your vitality, to protect yourself against ‘flu:

1. Fortify your immune system: Stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, lack of exercise and unhealthy living, as well as underlying health conditions can all undermine your immune system. Vitamin D3 may be more effective than vaccines at preventing influenza infections because it supports immune system function during the winter when many people become deficient in this essential hormone due to lack of sunlight. The herbal tincture of Echinacea taken regularly is also linked to immune boosting. Nutritionally, garlic is said to be a natural antibiotic. A whole clove of garlic crushed and mixed with honey is said to help the body fight off infection. Early nights and uninterrupted sleep, whenever possible, will allow your body to rest and recover. For those of you living and working in towns, exercise needn’t be reserved for weekends or late night gym sessions. Get on your bike. Cycling to work is a fantastic way to frame a sedentary day at the office with immune, metabolism and general health boosting exercise.

2. Respiratory System protection: For those of you forced into crowded tubes or buses or plane travel with coughing and spluttering commuters a fantastic tip and first line of defence for the respiratory system is the use of Essential oils. Rosemary is an uplifting oil, ideal for the morning commute. Mix a drop or 2 in a teaspoon of almond or olive oil and dab around the nostrils. As long as you can smell the rosemary it will be acting as a antiseptic to any nasty antigens making their way into your respiratory system.  Lavender can be applied if you are after some shut eye, useful for long-haul flights, as it is a calming and sedentary oil. (Do not use Rosemary essential oil during pregnancy and Lavender essential should not be used during the first Trimester of pregnancy)

Support for pregnancy & childbirth during CoVid-19 self-isolation.

3. Homeopathic Remedies for ‘Flu symptoms: Use homeopathy to nip a cold in the bud at the on-set of cold or ‘flu like symptoms. One pillule or tablet can be taken once a hour for 3 hours or stop with improvement. Change to an alternative remedy when the symptoms develop, with remedies indicated that may address the sensation of heaviness; aches and pains in the joints or muscles; high fevers. Repeat a remedy as often as needed as long as it is helping, even every 15 minutes and stop with improvement. The fever is the body’s natural immune response to a virus. A fever is produced by the body to burn off the virus. To force the fever down when it is stable and not at a dangerous level is potentially going against the natural immune response. Homeopathic remedies may support this process and may help to stabilise the fever. Reach for a homeopathic remedy and apply a tepid sponge to the face. For gastric ‘flu symptoms with vomiting and diarrhoea use the indicated homeopathic remedy for support.

If you suspect you have CoVid-19 seek immediate medical advice. Contact NHS on their dedicated CoVid-19 111 service

The Homeopathic Help Line offers homeopathic advice to support you during a cold or ‘flu. (09065 343 404. Calls are charged at £1.55 per minute)

Greendaisies Homeopathy offer over-the-phone acute advice for homeopathic remedies for cold and ‘flu support. Monday-Friday 9am -6pm (020 8977 5422. Calls are charged at £1.55 per minute)

Infographic for prescribing homeopathy at home for coughs:

Thank you to Marcus Fernandez of CHE for the free webinar on remedies for past ‘flu pandemics by Robin Murphy ND.