Homeopathic Support for our Elders

Access to good healthcare is vital as we get older. Being able to address health complaints as they arise supports our well-being and prevents problems from developing. Having the time with a medical practitioner to go over health concerns and find gentle solutions is so important, especially as we get older.

Unfortunately time constraints can mean that needs are not being met so well, in the NHS, and the 7 minute GP consultation can be focused around a prescription.

Over-prescribing to the over 65s is a national problem in UK.

The National Overprescribing Review identified the following key points:

  • 8.4m people in England are regularly prescribed 5 or more medicines
  • 1 in 5 hospital admissions in over-65s are caused by the adverse effects of medicines
  • the more medicines a person takes, the higher chance there is that one or more of these medicines will have an unwanted or harmful effect.

There are both clinical and financial consequences to overprescribing: 10 percent of the volume of prescription items dispensed through primary care in England are inappropriate for that patients’ circumstances and wishes, and they could be better served with alternative treatments. [more information here]

Homeopathic remedies can be safely self-prescribed in the home and can provide relief for numerous symptoms and complaints from joint pain, gout, digestive discomfort, respiratory complaints, back pain to name a few. Remedies to hasten recovery after surgery can be taken. Remedies that help to support blood pressure are best prescribed by a homeopath, and symptoms associated with chronic complaints can also be helped using homeopathic remedies.

A consultation with a homeopath is usually of an hour’s duration, where a full picture of health can be assessed and a homeopathic protocol prescribed to suit to the whole picture. In some cases several remedies may be prescribed to support acute discomfort.

There is still a place for Homeopathy in the NHS. I hope one day it will be reinstated, especially for the benefit of our elders.