Health & Vitality in 2024


A new year. A clean slate. A fresh start. Now is the perfect time to let go of all that no longer serves you, and clear some space to allow new opportunity and better health into your life. Here are some suggestions on how homeopathy and herbal remedies can support our “letting go” process.

Keeping healthy and maintaining a strong “vital force” starts with you. To be the best that you can be, whether parent or carer or employer/employee or simply fabulous human being, you first need to focus on your own health, not just by committing to a physical fitness regime, though that is a great start, but by committing to nurturing your own mental and emotional health as well. It is so easy to put everyone else first, so let 2024 be about putting everyone else first by putting yourself first first!

Give yourself permission to make some time for your own self-improvement and everyone else in your life will also feel the benefit.

Here are a few easy to do natural health and homeopathic suggestions that may provide you with a bit of a kick-start. One of Homeopathy’s fundamental principles is “the minimum dose”. This is the principle that by deploying only ‘the minimum dose’ of a medicine or remedy, the intrinsic healing response is stimulated and it’s action continues, driven by the body’s need to maintain stasis, health and balance.The advantage of the minimum dose is in it’s gentleness. The ‘minimum dose’ is not exclusive to homeopathic treatment. The ‘minimum dose’ may be staying home and having a relaxing bath instead of rushing out and about when it is not entirely necessary. The minimum dose may be a walk in nature to recharge the batteries and ground yourself.

The concept of the minimum dose is similar to Arndt-Schultz law (named after the pharmacologist Hugo Schultz and the psychiatrist Rudolf Arndt, who formulated the law). Arndt stated: “Weak stimuli accelerate vital activity, medium stimuli raise it slightly, strong ones suppress it and very strong ones halt it.”  This is usually simplified as follows: small doses stimulate, medium doses inhibit and large doses kill.

Here are some Greendaisies Homeopathy minimum dose suggestions, with the intention of stimulating a curative response, or at least a step in the right direction, especially after a hectic Holiday Season….

As we edge towards Spring, now is a really good time to give the Liver a bit of a boost, especially after the festive overindulgences of December.

There are several homeopathic remedies and ’tissue salts’  that act as organ support remedies to boost a sluggish system. Carduus Marianus, also known as Milk Thistle in herbal tincture form, works by helping the liver with elimination of toxins especially after alcohol. The main action of this remedy is on the liver and portal system; it also treats attacks of gall stone colic and griping, stitching pain with abdominal bloating. 5-10 drops of Milk Thistle tincture can be added to a small glass of water and taken before bed every night for a week. For anyone not wishing to combine herbal tinctures with allopathic medication, the homeopathic preparation of Carduus Mariasnus 12x  can be taken twice daily, morning and night, for a week instead. Chelidonium Majus is another liver support remedy indicated especially where there is a feeling of lethargy and aversion to mental exertion. This can be taken as a tincture (5-10 drops before bed every night for a week) or in a homeopathic 12x potency, twice daily morning and night for a week. Natrum Sulph 6x is a ’tissue salt’ indicated for supporting liver function, especially for people with a tendency to slow or sluggish digestion, distension and bloating. Tissue salts can be taken up to 3 times per day (2 tablets as a dose) and for as long as needed. For anyone with on-going digestive sluggishness try Natrum Sulph 6x for 2 months and monitor improvements.

Weight loss at the start of a New Year, especially after all the best intentions for healthy eating are abandoned completely with the festive season, is top priority for many at this time of year. Homeopathy stimulates the system into balance and can help weight loss to occur naturally, as your vitality increases and you feel a greater sense of well-being, which triggers better energy and better eating and healthier habits. Seeing a homeopath for a consultation and beginning the new year with constitutional treatment (treating the “whole person”) is recommended to best help support weight loss through homeopathy.  A remedy indicated and selected to address you as an individual will boost your system so that whatever is causing the excess weight, whether it stems from low resolve and no will power, to eating for emotional support or having a sluggish digestive system, may be addressed with a “constitutional” prescription.

Yoga is a fantastic practice. It is an holistic way to improve body, mind and spirit. Find a local class and commit to it. Commit to daily practice and see incredible improvements and shifts in your life and well-being.

Wishing you all a Healthy 2024