Autism Spectrum

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that treats the individual. Homeopathic support is invaluable when it comes to ASD, Anxiety, pain management, sensitivity, not because it is a cure [run from anyone claiming that they can offer this, through homeopathy] but because when prescribed for the individual, it does what homeopathy does best. Each person will take what is needed from the remedy prescribed for them,  to move in the “direction of cure”. It is often the case in developmental delay that a child is engaging in coping mechanisms to distract themselves from some sort of discomfort, pain or over-stimulation from the World around them. Whilst this can be seen as self-supporting, during the formative years of speech and language development this distraction can lead to delay.

It can be impossible to focus on the World around them and develop in line with their peers if all of their energy is being directed into distracting themselves from discomfort. I have treated over one hundred children diagnosed with ASD with homeopathy. In each case the child is being treated, not the condition. Parents have observed improvements including ability to focus, reduction in frustration which can manifest as anything from continued defiance to extreme tantrums, and lessening of anxiety and better tolerance of transitions.

Individualised treatment takes into account physiological issues so treatment varies significantly from person to person.

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The use of SECRETIN for pancreatic support

The following Homeopathic Secretin Information is provided by Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy.

The story of Secretin appears to be gathering pace as more parents respond to the success of Billy Tommey and other children treated with the injection of the pancreatic derivative.

However, the practical difficulties in both obtaining Secretin and having the injection administered are proving the largest barrier to most parents. One suggestion has been put forward that may provide an answer to the current situation. That is to administer a homeopathic preparation of Secretin.

Ainsworths have prepared this and it is now available for those who wish to try it. We would however make the following comments about this approach.

Firstly that there is no guarantee that the remedy will work on every child and Secretin certainly seems to favour the children with so-called leaky-gut symptoms.

We would stress that this has not been tested clinically for use in Autism. This is no different to the conventional Secretin injection. Homeopathic remedies are by nature less harmful than conventional drugs and side effects are less of an issue compared to the problem of generating any effect in this case.

Secondly the effect may build up slowly rather than very suddenly (with the injection) since the dose is smaller. This would require the daily dosage of pills that are dissolved in the mouth for at least two weeks at a time.

We cannot be sure how much if any help can be obtained by pursuing this direction. We can only make it available for those who want to explore this approach. For those interested a course of 100 pills is available with a suggested dose of one pill twice a day. []

Update: We have received some feedback from parents using homeopathic secretin for at least two weeks and some beyond ten weeks. All report that their child is more voluble, in some instances this has included speech. In addition small but noticeable behavioural improvements have been observed, and teachers have noticed improvements in interaction with both adults and children. In all cases communication skills have improved to the point where the child has been able to participate in the family more.

These are obviously early reports but we hope that more parents will share their experiences so that we can feedback the extent to which the remedy can help in autism and hyperactivity.

Ainsworths would like to thank SFTAH (Society for the Autistically Handicapped) for their support in this project. Please download the secretin record form on their website

Secretin information

The secretin that Ainsworths supply is manufactured from the porcine hormone. In the process it undergoes a series of dilutions which remove all trace of the original starting material. Hence there is no drug content and therefore no side effect to contend with. Its action is to provoke a response in the body by normalising the action of secretin. This is different from the injected hormone which attempts to achieve the same objective by introducing more into the body.

How does it work?

The latest view is that by neutralizing the acidic stomach contents as they pass through the small intestine, secretin allows normal digestion of food to occur. Many symptoms associated with autism appear to be linked to an inability to communicate. This may in part be linked to the large chain peptide molecules that become absorbed inadvertently through a leaky gut. By halting the passage of these molecules at every meal the onslaught is reduced and the child has the opportunity to reverse the communication blocks.